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The Initiative of Canadian Appliance Repair Companies

Here at to initiative, we love thinking about the amazing innovation and initiative of Canadian appliance repair companies. Whether it’s in Vancouver, Kelowna, Halifax, Toronto, Victoria or any other Canadian city, we love appliance repair companies all the same. We must remember that without them we’d all be washing our clothes by hand, our dishes by hand and doing all the comfortable stuff like cooking in our kitchen that we take for granted by hand.

This is why we love appliance repair companies around the world, too, not just in Canada. To explain our love further, here’s a list of THREE GREAT REASONS why we think appliance services are some of the most important factors of keeping our Canadian societies intact and running properly:

  1. Having refrigerators that work mean we don’t need to collect ice from the arctic with schooners anymore.
  2. Having working microwaves, toasters, ovens, stoves, deep fryers and other kitchen cooking equipment means we don’t need to keep a fire smoldering in our hearths all night.
  3. Having clothes washing machines and clothes drying machines in our homes does amazing things for us as families that we never consider. Especially when they’re in fully working order and operating condition.

That was our spiel for the day, and we hope you were inspired by it. Stay tuned for more content from the initiative team.

2 types of dishwashers
Example Series, Tips and Tricks

Example 4: Two Types of Dishwashers

I’m not talking about appliances like I did in the last blog post; I’m talking about humans. The restaurant kitchen is a great scene for conveying a valuable lesson in taking on initiative and today this will be a lesson in working the extra mile.

There are two types of dishwashers. One of them has great potential to move on and do other things to make more money and work a more respectable job. The other may be a dishwasher all their lives and never know why. Yes, the main and most important difference between these two dishwashers is their penchant for taking on initiative.

Dishwasher #1: Lacking in Initiative

This dishwasher enjoys it when there is no work left to do at the end of the shift because they get to stand around and chat with the cooks and waiters. For ten to twenty minutes at the end of every day when there is no work left, he never takes on initiative by giving himself further work to do. He believes only doing what he has been told to do and nothing more is all he needs. But he is unaware of one of the great facts of the universe. The only way to become above average is to do more than the average, and that extra 10% of work that he refuses to do at the end of the day is what causes him to stay where he is in life. He should learn from our next example.

Dishwasher #2: Replete in Initiative

This dishwasher enjoys it when all their work for the day is finished ten or twenty minutes before his shift ends because he gets extra time to do a few other things. For example, he will clean under the floor mats and behind the industrial dish washing machine. He will prepare things for tomorrow and assist his co-workers who are falling behind in their tasks. He does this because he has the habit of taking on initiative, and this extra 10% of work each day ads up and his employers notice. He gets more raises and benefits than the first dishwasher because he stands out as being above average. This habit of his will serve him throughout the rest of his life in all that he does, and in whatever he does his peers will notice that he works the extra mile, and the universe will reward him for it.

I hope this analogy made understanding the principle of working the extra mile easier. To take on initiative at the end of the day when the majority of people wont is what gives that boost we need, that razor’s edge to transcend average and become something great in our lifetime. That extra 10% of work ads up quickly and always pays off.

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My Trip to Kelowna, BC, CA to Buy Old Electronics

Last week I had a great lesson in initiative during my weekend trip to the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia. I was there not visiting anyone in particular but I went with my good friend Leo because for some reason there was, at the same time in Kelowna, a bunch of garage sales popping up and one specific garage sale where an old electronic and appliance collector was selling his collection. He wouldn’t tell us why he was selling all his vintage appliances and collectible electronics, but he looked very happy about it so we didn’t ask again.

A Kelowna Travel Story

A traveler at heart

My friend loves collecting electronics way more than I do and he invited me to the event, and I’ll describe what I got after I tell you the lesson I got in initiative. But like I was saying, Leo loves old electronics. He has every single Gameboy, three VCRs, a sound system in every room, four flat screen TVs, multiple cameras and enjoys similar things like telescopes and mopeds. He was there for a particular thing. It’s kind of strange but in the garage seller’s ad there was a picture of one of the first toasters ever made. This thing was older than my grandpa and if I remember right it was from the 19th century. Indeed, this was a very old toaster and didn’t work anymore but Leo wants to fix it and heat up his waffles with it. He even tried to get the toaster fixed while we were there by calling a Kelowna appliance repair company but we couldn’t find anyone who could fix it for the cost Leo was looking for.

At the event there were many other strange kitchen appliances. And this is where my story of initiative comes into play. On the table there was a mini fridge that really spoke to me. I’m still not sure why but I really loved this fridge, maybe because it’s super old and very, very small. When I say “mini” fridge there’s no way I could exaggerate how small it is. It can fit a single jug of milk and that’s what it’s used for specifically. Just for milk… but I like to use it next to my couch for other beverages.

Now I almost didn’t buy this fridge because it was priced at $400 and I thought that was crazy. But deep down I knew there was no way I was leaving Kelowna without this fridge, so while Leo was on the phone with a Kelowna appliance repair company I snatched the phone and asked how much an old mini fridge should be worth. The appliance repairman on the phone said he could get me a good mini fridge for less than $80 and it was almost as old as the one I wanted to buy.

After, I told the garage seller this and after admitting he only paid $150 for it, said I could have the mini fridge for $100 and I was sold! You see, sometimes just having the habit of taking initiative as soon as you get a good idea can randomly save you $300 dollars!

Besides this awesome mini fridge, here’s a list of all the other stuff I got:

  1. A flashlight
  2. A DVD player
  3. A portable CD player
  4. An old cell phone
  5. A mini oven
  6. A portable barbecue

If you think that list is big and ridiculous, check out Leo’s list:

  1. A rare blue Sony Playstation
  2. Six Playstation games
  3. Four X Bob games
  4. Two PC games
  5. A portable DVD player
  6. A mini microwave that can only fit bowls
  7. An espresso machine
  8. An electric kettle
  9. A solar-powered store sign that says “50% off”
  10. A rock tumbler
  11. That toaster I mentioned
  12. And a few other things I can’t remember

Overall, the trip was very fun. We went to a bunch of other small garage sales too but didn’t see much we liked because we were mainly there for electronics and appliances. But I loved my stay in Kelowna. We ate every meal out at different luxury restaurants and stayed in a fairly nice hotel that wasn’t too far from the suburbs where most of the garage sales were.

I think we’ll go again next year! Check out the homepage for more cool blog posts.


Example 3: Fairy Tale Heroes

A great example of people taking initiative can be found in fairy tales, and these are a great way to teach these lessons to children. Explaining the importance of having initiative to a child is very easy when you use fairy tales such as Little Red Cap, Cinderella and Snow White. In these stories, the heroes are stricken with challenges and they must overcome them. Overcoming a challenge without someone taking your hand and guiding you along every step is taking initiative in a nutshell, and fairy tales not only teach this, they also show the happy outcomes that can come out of taking action.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone back and re-read some of my favorite fairy tales, but I have been enjoying some 19th century Romantic Gothic fairy tales like The Elves and the lessons hidden in the plot are so inspiring.

So this is a friendly reminder and example for us to teach our children the importance of initiative through fairy tales. Hope you enjoy.

due diligence
Example Series

Example 2: Doing Research Before Commenting on Social Media

For example #1, I talked about another person’s example of repairing a domestic refrigerator. Today, I want to use an example from my own life that everyone who comments on social media can relate to.

This series is designed to boost your initiative by being aware of examples in real life. Commenting on social media posts isn’t something drastic, but when done properly with initiative it can help to create the habit of doing due diligence.

Due Diligence is the Theme of Today’s Example

As we all know, many people on social media, namely Facebook, like to make claims or ask questions and sometimes people feel the right to comment with what they claim to be the truth. And as we also know, most of these comments should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, it would be foolish of us to read Facebook comments as academic resources. Just imagine citing a Facebook comment in the bibliography of a research paper. That would be absurd, even if the person who made the comment was an academic. Surely, it could be done properly if the research paper was about a certain topic, but that’s beside the point.

Creating the habit of doing your due diligence in every scenario is an easy ticket to becoming trustworthy and credible in the real world. If you’re known for never doing research or cross-referencing your sources of knowledge then don’t expect too many academics to give your material a thumbs up.

Doing research before commenting on a social media post and even supplying a link to your source is a great example of taking on initiative because, not only do most people don’t do this, it, like every time we take initiative, makes us feel better about ourselves. For instance, commenting on a post about a historical event means nothing if it’s just your opinion about why something might have happened; however, if you base your opinion around a peer reviewed article and provide a link to the article or a citation to it then people who read your comment will not only be impressed but they can actually take it without salt and learn something credible.

Build this habit and remember this next time you want to comment on a social media post and, trust me, you won’t go wrong.

fridge repair
Example Series

Example 1: Repairing Your Domestic Refrigerator without Help

This will be the first part of a new series where I use examples from real life to explain the importance of taking on initiative.

As we all know, repairing broken appliances around the household isn’t something we’re all trained to do, which is why service providers like appliance repairmen and other such companies exist in the world. Now today I’ll be using a great example of how an old lady with no background in appliance repair took it upon herself with amazing initiative to fix her own kitchen fridge.

Not all examples in this series will be this easy to describe, because this is a story I know well, having met and talked in great length with this kind lady. Now I personally find this story incredible because, as someone who knows this lady fairly well, I know she is very inept when it comes to any general electric appliance, let alone domestic refrigerators. Her name is Maggie and she lives in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Before she contemplated fixing her broken fridge on her own, she was moments away from calling up a local appliance repair company, namely Appliance Repair Vancouver at, but then she remembered some of the conversations we had enjoyed about taking initiative and decided to put the fate of her fridge in her own hands.

Maggie is by no means computer savvy, but if she’s smart enough to find the best appliance repair company in Vancouver by using the internet than she’s definitely smart enough to find a video on the internet that explains how to fix a fridge. After all, YouTube is full of videos on how to repair any broken appliance you can imagine. Now the real act of initiative was finding out exactly what was wrong with her fridge, which required tampering with the old screw driver and flash light to take a look around. Like I said, this is impressive because even I have no clue what goes on inside the guts of a domestic refrigerator. But with a glass of wine, some Bach music and a high spirit, Maggie was able to fix her broken fridge in less than three hours. Perhaps Appliance Repair Vancouver could have done better but this is still impressive for someone like Maggie.

old lady fixes fridge

There were many frustrations along the way, but it turned out her fridge just had a minor complication with some of the internal pieces and a bit of nudging here and there was all it needed. Those were the words she used, anyway.

So now this just goes to show the power of initiative and, when harnessed with high spirit, how this power can manifest into competent results in unexpected areas. Maggie not only went out of her comfort zone and learned something new, she saved herself a good deal of money by repairing her own fridge. Recently Maggie and I had talked about the power of habit building, which I wrote a post on, and she admitted this played a huge role in her taking initiative. She thanked me for ennobling her with the will to take initiative because she is a fan of my blog.

I’m grateful to know Maggie and I hope this story inspires other ladies out there to not underestimate themselves. If Maggie can fix a broken household appliance, so can you! After all, a fridge repair job isn’t the end of the world. A thousand appliance mechanics can tell you that.

Now before I let you go I want to summarize with a list of 6 things we can all take away from this story:

  1. No one is too old to take on initiative.
  2. Initiative goes hand in hand with high spirits.
  3. A broken fridge doesn’t have to stay broken for long.
  4. Inept computer users can always surprise us.
  5. Never underestimate the will of a kind old lady.
  6. The power of initiative is free for everyone to use!

So there we have it. For those of you looking forward to more tips and advice for taking on initiative in your life, stay tuned as I plan to cover much material in the future. Stay motivated and thanks for visiting!

the power of habits
Tips and Tricks

The Power of Habit Building

In recent years, scientists have really honed down on the power of habits and our subconscious minds. Even without science, ancient thinkers have been able to put the connections together. For example, the Old Testament is full of hints on how to change your life by what you think about. The power of habit building can completely change your life. Here’s how!

What is habit building? It’s consciously being aware of how habits affect the outcomes and results in our life and taking steps to build new habits in order to change our outcomes and results.

How do you build new habits? First you have to separate your current good habits from your current bad habits. Then you have to take small steps to replace your bad habits with good ones. This process works best if you have a long-term, life-long goal you’re working toward. For example, if your goal is to become the captain of a ship in the navy, how helpful would it be to replace the habit of drinking in the bar every night with reading the biographies of history’s best captains?

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of habits, watch this amazing Ted Talk:

Science of Habits

If you’d rather read an analogy than watch this video, I got one for you. Habit building is just like collecting bottle caps. How efficient would you be at collecting bottle caps if all you did was stay home and watch movies? Would you be more effective if you left the house? Just like habit building, it takes action to make it work. You can’t build new habits without getting off the couch and making changes. Now I really recommend watching the video above because it explains this in incredible detail.

Good luck with your habit building in 2019!

single mother

What is “Initiative” for Dummies? (A Brief Guide)

To explain “initiative” in terms everyone can understand, we feel obliged to tell a story. This is a story about a single mother, except its not human. This is a tigress!

This story is one that we tell to everyone who wants an easy way to remind themselves of the importance of taking on initiative in their lives.

Once upon a time there was a healthy, happy family of tigers who had just whelped a bunch of cubs. The cubs are so cute and both the mom and dad love them dearly, each one of them. There’s three little cubs, and each one looks a little different.

All was swell for weeks after the birth, but then a storm ransacked the safari and the mom got separated from the father with her three cubs tailing behind her. The storm was so nasty and strong, it caused massive winds to flow over trees and rains to flood the land for four days in end. There was no respite for the cubs until their mother found them a cave to settle in. There was a fox in the cave, and the mother was about to turn around and leave until she noticed how her cubs were nearly frozen to death and so she did what she had to do, she took initiative and scared the fox away.

The mother and her cubs slept in hunger until the storm abated, and now as the sun and the songbirds rose over the safari the cubs started to miss their father.

Mother was very weak from not eating but she had a strong will and caught supper for the first time in four days. Her cubs were so grateful and could not have survived another day without their mother’s initiative.

More days went by and the mother led her cubs across the land to find their father. All hope was lost after weeks of hungry searching. Then, a miracle happened one day when the out in the distance the cubs’ father was spotted. All seemed okay again until the family realized their father was fighting a pack of three wild dogs. Before the family could get to the location, it seemed like the dogs would win but the little cubs got their and joined the fight just in time and the dogs ran away.

Without this initiative on the cubs’ part, their father may have been killed. Now the family was back together again all thanks to taking on initiative!