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The Initiative of Canadian Appliance Repair Companies

Here at to initiative, we love thinking about the amazing innovation and initiative of Canadian appliance repair companies. Whether it’s in Vancouver, Kelowna, Halifax, Toronto, Victoria or any other Canadian city, we love appliance repair companies all the same. We must remember that without them we’d all be washing our clothes by hand, our dishes by hand and doing all the comfortable stuff like cooking in our kitchen that we take for granted by hand.

This is why we love appliance repair companies around the world, too, not just in Canada. To explain our love further, here’s a list of THREE GREAT REASONS why we think appliance services are some of the most important factors of keeping our Canadian societies intact and running properly:

  1. Having refrigerators that work mean we don’t need to collect ice from the arctic with schooners anymore.
  2. Having working microwaves, toasters, ovens, stoves, deep fryers and other kitchen cooking equipment means we don’t need to keep a fire smoldering in our hearths all night.
  3. Having clothes washing machines and clothes drying machines in our homes does amazing things for us as families that we never consider. Especially when they’re in fully working order and operating condition.

That was our spiel for the day, and we hope you were inspired by it. Stay tuned for more content from the initiative team.