My Trip to Kelowna, BC, CA to Buy Old Electronics

Last week I had a great lesson in initiative during my weekend trip to the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia. I was there not visiting anyone in particular but I went with my good friend Leo because for some reason there was, at the same time in Kelowna, a bunch of garage sales popping up and one specific garage sale where an old electronic and appliance collector was selling his collection. He wouldn’t tell us why he was selling all his vintage appliances and collectible electronics, but he looked very happy about it so we didn’t ask again.

A Kelowna Travel Story

A traveler at heart

My friend loves collecting electronics way more than I do and he invited me to the event, and I’ll describe what I got after I tell you the lesson I got in initiative. But like I was saying, Leo loves old electronics. He has every single Gameboy, three VCRs, a sound system in every room, four flat screen TVs, multiple cameras and enjoys similar things like telescopes and mopeds. He was there for a particular thing. It’s kind of strange but in the garage seller’s ad there was a picture of one of the first toasters ever made. This thing was older than my grandpa and if I remember right it was from the 19th century. Indeed, this was a very old toaster and didn’t work anymore but Leo wants to fix it and heat up his waffles with it. He even tried to get the toaster fixed while we were there by calling a Kelowna appliance repair company but we couldn’t find anyone who could fix it for the cost Leo was looking for.

At the event there were many other strange kitchen appliances. And this is where my story of initiative comes into play. On the table there was a mini fridge that really spoke to me. I’m still not sure why but I really loved this fridge, maybe because it’s super old and very, very small. When I say “mini” fridge there’s no way I could exaggerate how small it is. It can fit a single jug of milk and that’s what it’s used for specifically. Just for milk… but I like to use it next to my couch for other beverages.

Now I almost didn’t buy this fridge because it was priced at $400 and I thought that was crazy. But deep down I knew there was no way I was leaving Kelowna without this fridge, so while Leo was on the phone with a Kelowna appliance repair company I snatched the phone and asked how much an old mini fridge should be worth. The appliance repairman on the phone said he could get me a good mini fridge for less than $80 and it was almost as old as the one I wanted to buy.

After, I told the garage seller this and after admitting he only paid $150 for it, said I could have the mini fridge for $100 and I was sold! You see, sometimes just having the habit of taking initiative as soon as you get a good idea can randomly save you $300 dollars!

Besides this awesome mini fridge, here’s a list of all the other stuff I got:

  1. A flashlight
  2. A DVD player
  3. A portable CD player
  4. An old cell phone
  5. A mini oven
  6. A portable barbecue

If you think that list is big and ridiculous, check out Leo’s list:

  1. A rare blue Sony Playstation
  2. Six Playstation games
  3. Four X Bob games
  4. Two PC games
  5. A portable DVD player
  6. A mini microwave that can only fit bowls
  7. An espresso machine
  8. An electric kettle
  9. A solar-powered store sign that says “50% off”
  10. A rock tumbler
  11. That toaster I mentioned
  12. And a few other things I can’t remember

Overall, the trip was very fun. We went to a bunch of other small garage sales too but didn’t see much we liked because we were mainly there for electronics and appliances. But I loved my stay in Kelowna. We ate every meal out at different luxury restaurants and stayed in a fairly nice hotel that wasn’t too far from the suburbs where most of the garage sales were.

I think we’ll go again next year! Check out the homepage for more cool blog posts.