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Example Series

Example 1: Repairing Your Domestic Refrigerator without Help

This will be the first part of a new series where I use examples from real life to explain the importance of taking on initiative.

As we all know, repairing broken appliances around the household isn’t something we’re all trained to do, which is why service providers like appliance repairmen and other such companies exist in the world. Now today I’ll be using a great example of how an old lady with no background in appliance repair took it upon herself with amazing initiative to fix her own kitchen fridge.

Not all examples in this series will be this easy to describe, because this is a story I know well, having met and talked in great length with this kind lady. Now I personally find this story incredible because, as someone who knows this lady fairly well, I know she is very inept when it comes to any general electric appliance, let alone domestic refrigerators. Her name is Maggie and she lives in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Before she contemplated fixing her broken fridge on her own, she was moments away from calling up a local appliance repair company, namely Appliance Repair Vancouver at, but then she remembered some of the conversations we had enjoyed about taking initiative and decided to put the fate of her fridge in her own hands.

Maggie is by no means computer savvy, but if she’s smart enough to find the best appliance repair company in Vancouver by using the internet than she’s definitely smart enough to find a video on the internet that explains how to fix a fridge. After all, YouTube is full of videos on how to repair any broken appliance you can imagine. Now the real act of initiative was finding out exactly what was wrong with her fridge, which required tampering with the old screw driver and flash light to take a look around. Like I said, this is impressive because even I have no clue what goes on inside the guts of a domestic refrigerator. But with a glass of wine, some Bach music and a high spirit, Maggie was able to fix her broken fridge in less than three hours. Perhaps Appliance Repair Vancouver could have done better but this is still impressive for someone like Maggie.

old lady fixes fridge

There were many frustrations along the way, but it turned out her fridge just had a minor complication with some of the internal pieces and a bit of nudging here and there was all it needed. Those were the words she used, anyway.

So now this just goes to show the power of initiative and, when harnessed with high spirit, how this power can manifest into competent results in unexpected areas. Maggie not only went out of her comfort zone and learned something new, she saved herself a good deal of money by repairing her own fridge. Recently Maggie and I had talked about the power of habit building, which I wrote a post on, and she admitted this played a huge role in her taking initiative. She thanked me for ennobling her with the will to take initiative because she is a fan of my blog.

I’m grateful to know Maggie and I hope this story inspires other ladies out there to not underestimate themselves. If Maggie can fix a broken household appliance, so can you! After all, a fridge repair job isn’t the end of the world. A thousand appliance mechanics can tell you that.

Now before I let you go I want to summarize with a list of 6 things we can all take away from this story:

  1. No one is too old to take on initiative.
  2. Initiative goes hand in hand with high spirits.
  3. A broken fridge doesn’t have to stay broken for long.
  4. Inept computer users can always surprise us.
  5. Never underestimate the will of a kind old lady.
  6. The power of initiative is free for everyone to use!

So there we have it. For those of you looking forward to more tips and advice for taking on initiative in your life, stay tuned as I plan to cover much material in the future. Stay motivated and thanks for visiting!