due diligence
Example Series

Example 2: Doing Research Before Commenting on Social Media

For example #1, I talked about another person’s example of repairing a domestic refrigerator. Today, I want to use an example from my own life that everyone who comments on social media can relate to.

This series is designed to boost your initiative by being aware of examples in real life. Commenting on social media posts isn’t something drastic, but when done properly with initiative it can help to create the habit of doing due diligence.

Due Diligence is the Theme of Today’s Example

As we all know, many people on social media, namely Facebook, like to make claims or ask questions and sometimes people feel the right to comment with what they claim to be the truth. And as we also know, most of these comments should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, it would be foolish of us to read Facebook comments as academic resources. Just imagine citing a Facebook comment in the bibliography of a research paper. That would be absurd, even if the person who made the comment was an academic. Surely, it could be done properly if the research paper was about a certain topic, but that’s beside the point.

Creating the habit of doing your due diligence in every scenario is an easy ticket to becoming trustworthy and credible in the real world. If you’re known for never doing research or cross-referencing your sources of knowledge then don’t expect too many academics to give your material a thumbs up.

Doing research before commenting on a social media post and even supplying a link to your source is a great example of taking on initiative because, not only do most people don’t do this, it, like every time we take initiative, makes us feel better about ourselves. For instance, commenting on a post about a historical event means nothing if it’s just your opinion about why something might have happened; however, if you base your opinion around a peer reviewed article and provide a link to the article or a citation to it then people who read your comment will not only be impressed but they can actually take it without salt and learn something credible.

Build this habit and remember this next time you want to comment on a social media post and, trust me, you won’t go wrong.