Example 3: Fairy Tale Heroes

A great example of people taking initiative can be found in fairy tales, and these are a great way to teach these lessons to children. Explaining the importance of having initiative to a child is very easy when you use fairy tales such as Little Red Cap, Cinderella and Snow White. In these stories, the heroes are stricken with challenges and they must overcome them. Overcoming a challenge without someone taking your hand and guiding you along every step is taking initiative in a nutshell, and fairy tales not only teach this, they also show the happy outcomes that can come out of taking action.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone back and re-read some of my favorite fairy tales, but I have been enjoying some 19th century Romantic Gothic fairy tales like The Elves and the lessons hidden in the plot are so inspiring.

So this is a friendly reminder and example for us to teach our children the importance of initiative through fairy tales. Hope you enjoy.