2 types of dishwashers
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Example 4: Two Types of Dishwashers

I’m not talking about appliances like I did in the last blog post; I’m talking about humans. The restaurant kitchen is a great scene for conveying a valuable lesson in taking on initiative and today this will be a lesson in working the extra mile.

There are two types of dishwashers. One of them has great potential to move on and do other things to make more money and work a more respectable job. The other may be a dishwasher all their lives and never know why. Yes, the main and most important difference between these two dishwashers is their penchant for taking on initiative.

Dishwasher #1: Lacking in Initiative

This dishwasher enjoys it when there is no work left to do at the end of the shift because they get to stand around and chat with the cooks and waiters. For ten to twenty minutes at the end of every day when there is no work left, he never takes on initiative by giving himself further work to do. He believes only doing what he has been told to do and nothing more is all he needs. But he is unaware of one of the great facts of the universe. The only way to become above average is to do more than the average, and that extra 10% of work that he refuses to do at the end of the day is what causes him to stay where he is in life. He should learn from our next example.

Dishwasher #2: Replete in Initiative

This dishwasher enjoys it when all their work for the day is finished ten or twenty minutes before his shift ends because he gets extra time to do a few other things. For example, he will clean under the floor mats and behind the industrial dish washing machine. He will prepare things for tomorrow and assist his co-workers who are falling behind in their tasks. He does this because he has the habit of taking on initiative, and this extra 10% of work each day ads up and his employers notice. He gets more raises and benefits than the first dishwasher because he stands out as being above average. This habit of his will serve him throughout the rest of his life in all that he does, and in whatever he does his peers will notice that he works the extra mile, and the universe will reward him for it.

I hope this analogy made understanding the principle of working the extra mile easier. To take on initiative at the end of the day when the majority of people wont is what gives that boost we need, that razor’s edge to transcend average and become something great in our lifetime. That extra 10% of work ads up quickly and always pays off.

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