the power of habits
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The Power of Habit Building

In recent years, scientists have really honed down on the power of habits and our subconscious minds. Even without science, ancient thinkers have been able to put the connections together. For example, the Old Testament is full of hints on how to change your life by what you think about. The power of habit building can completely change your life. Here’s how!

What is habit building? It’s consciously being aware of how habits affect the outcomes and results in our life and taking steps to build new habits in order to change our outcomes and results.

How do you build new habits? First you have to separate your current good habits from your current bad habits. Then you have to take small steps to replace your bad habits with good ones. This process works best if you have a long-term, life-long goal you’re working toward. For example, if your goal is to become the captain of a ship in the navy, how helpful would it be to replace the habit of drinking in the bar every night with reading the biographies of history’s best captains?

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of habits, watch this amazing Ted Talk:

Science of Habits

If you’d rather read an analogy than watch this video, I got one for you. Habit building is just like collecting bottle caps. How efficient would you be at collecting bottle caps if all you did was stay home and watch movies? Would you be more effective if you left the house? Just like habit building, it takes action to make it work. You can’t build new habits without getting off the couch and making changes. Now I really recommend watching the video above because it explains this in incredible detail.

Good luck with your habit building in 2019!