single mother

What is “Initiative” for Dummies? (A Brief Guide)

To explain “initiative” in terms everyone can understand, we feel obliged to tell a story. This is a story about a single mother, except its not human. This is a tigress!

This story is one that we tell to everyone who wants an easy way to remind themselves of the importance of taking on initiative in their lives.

Once upon a time there was a healthy, happy family of tigers who had just whelped a bunch of cubs. The cubs are so cute and both the mom and dad love them dearly, each one of them. There’s three little cubs, and each one looks a little different.

All was swell for weeks after the birth, but then a storm ransacked the safari and the mom got separated from the father with her three cubs tailing behind her. The storm was so nasty and strong, it caused massive winds to flow over trees and rains to flood the land for four days in end. There was no respite for the cubs until their mother found them a cave to settle in. There was a fox in the cave, and the mother was about to turn around and leave until she noticed how her cubs were nearly frozen to death and so she did what she had to do, she took initiative and scared the fox away.

The mother and her cubs slept in hunger until the storm abated, and now as the sun and the songbirds rose over the safari the cubs started to miss their father.

Mother was very weak from not eating but she had a strong will and caught supper for the first time in four days. Her cubs were so grateful and could not have survived another day without their mother’s initiative.

More days went by and the mother led her cubs across the land to find their father. All hope was lost after weeks of hungry searching. Then, a miracle happened one day when the out in the distance the cubs’ father was spotted. All seemed okay again until the family realized their father was fighting a pack of three wild dogs. Before the family could get to the location, it seemed like the dogs would win but the little cubs got their and joined the fight just in time and the dogs ran away.

Without this initiative on the cubs’ part, their father may have been killed. Now the family was back together again all thanks to taking on initiative!