What We Do

Are you curious about what we do at Taking On Initiative? Then keep reading!

Here we’re all about saying those magical words to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to reach inside themselves and pull out the best of themselves for the world to see. We believe everyone has a better version of themselves just waiting to reach the light and sometimes to work towards letting it breath, all that’s needed is a few inspiring words.

We post about being positive so that whenever you need a boost in the motivation sector, all you got to do is visit us and do some reading to get your game back on track. We want to get you to the point where you can start to prep talk yourself and so eventually you won’t need others to give you inspiring words because you’re already taking initiative and doing the things that motivate yourself.

But sometimes even the best of us have those days where our initiative slips. Don’t fret. Initiative is never gone for ever. After years of being the boss of your own motivation, all it takes is a brief reminder and then you’re back on track. That’s what this blog is for, to give you those reminders you need to keep taking on initiative!